Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tsunami Picture Blog

Uncle Booch and Sarah Jane Memorial Day at Barb and Jack's. We get it George, you're tan.

Georgia is such a weirdo sometimes. We keep this blanket in the car and she loves to put it on her head.

We've been watching the bird's nest on our front porch.

I told Georgia that was a mommy bird with her Georgia and Sarah Jane birds. It's been pretty fun to watch this little family. All of a sudden there were two baby birds sitting there. It's like they were eggs one day and then almost grown the next.

These pictures are of course out of order. Here's the new front porch for the playhouse after it's finished. Georgia took the inaugural steps and thought it was pretty neat. When we move to Nommie and Grandpa's house we'll put some potted plants on it and be in it every minute we can. It had a front porch on it when we were growing up with little stone steps leading to the sidewalk around the tree.

Marc putting the finishing touches on the new porch.

"Hard at work or hardly working?" - Shrek

Funny for obvious reasons.

Thank you so much for the ballerina ensemble, Kate!!

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we are at Veteran's Park in Arlington for Stroller Strides. Ducks have been paring up lately to start their own little families. This mom and dad duck were considering the playground we hang out at after our work out. All the kids gathered on this little platform and fed them. Marc was out of school that day so he just happened to tag along. Joanne is the other adult in the picture with all the kids: Georgia and Sarah Jane, Lilly, Kyle, Samuel and Adrien.

River inspecting Grandpa's stache. Just making sure it's real.

The last time all 3 of the Berre kids were home with their families we threw a surprise party for our parents birthdays. Georgia and Cruz waited as patiently as they could for birthday cake.

My mom's not pissed off, she's surprised to find all of their closest friends in the living room. It was a small party but it was perfect!! It was the kind of friends that are close enough to know to get my dad a ham for his birthday. He loved every bite of it!

2 months!!

It's official, she's a HUGE Bindel baby!! Here are her stats:

Weight: 15 pounds 4 ounces
Height: 24 inches
Cheeks: chubby
Percentiles for everything: Over 95%

Here are a few sweet pictures of this sweet, sweet baby girl. She makes me want to have more right now!!

Asleep in mommy's arms.

Smiling at Nommie.

More sweet smiles for her Nommie. I guess Georgia was asleep otherwise she would not let Nommie hold Sarah Jane. In case Nommie forgot, she belongs to Georgia.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Not No, But Not Right Now

So the house we made an offer on is for sure in foreclosure now. Originally it was going to be a short sale but the bank decided to foreclose on it. What does it mean for us?? It doesn't mean we won't get the house. It just means we're not getting it any time soon. The good thing is we're going to live with my parents rent free. The bad thing is we're going to live with my parents. They are of course wonderful in every way but what almost thirty year old wants to go back to their house? I am so thankful for them though.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Healthy living

I'm sure I heard this analogy somewhere else but it's so true. Prayer and time in the Bible are exactly like eating healthy and exercising. I think about this all the time.

Think about it. You hear about all these magic diets all the time where you don't have to give up the foods you love and you don't have to exercise. Guess what, they don't work. Even if you try them and loose a few pounds, it's only temporary and you're going to end up in maybe even worse shape than you started in. The only way to truly live a healthy life is to combine eating healthy and exercising. Yes, you can be pretty healthy by just eating right. Yes, you can be pretty healthy just exercising. But put those two together and you're unstoppable.

It's exactly the same when it comes to having a real and growing relationship with God. People want to get closer to the Creator by reading a certain book, listening to a certain pastor or speaker. Those things are all good but they aren't a substitute for time studying the Bible and praying. Yes, you can have a pretty healthy relationship with God by just reading the Bible. Yes, you can have a pretty healthy relationship with God by just praying. But put those two together and you're unstoppable. The Bible is our food. Praying is our exercise.

There's no other secret to a good spiritual life. That's it. Plain and simple. Study the Bible. Break it down. Get some notes on what was going on at the time a certain book of the Bible was written so you can better understand the context. See if there's any area of your life you can apply what you're reading to. If you don't see anything, just keep it in mind for the future.

Turn around and pray. Tell God thank you for the breath you're breathing. Tell Him thank you for anything and everything. When you feel like you don't have anything to be thankful for, thank Him for paying the price through the death of His Son so that you can even be talking to Him and have Him listen. Tell Him what's going on in your heart. Tell Him what you're feeling, what you're thinking. And just like you would in any other relationship, let Him respond and listen. It's hard to understand His voice right away. When my best friend and I were starting to get to know one another in jr. high, before the days of caller i.d., I'd have to ask who was on the other line when she called. After talking to her for a while, I recognized her voice right away. It's the same with God. The more you talk and listen, the quicker you'll recognize His voice.

When we're healthy in our relationship with God, we're healthy in life. Life's not easier, make not mistake, it's just better. He is our peace.

It's 10:06 p.m. and Georgia is still singing in her bed. The girl is a night owl!!

My girls

How wonderful is life??

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not running behind just more caught up

Sorry there haven't been any new blogs lately with pictures. The truth is that we're actually moving at a good pace here now which means I'm not sitting around "resting" as much. I just uploaded 161 pictures yesterday so I'll have to do a tsunami blog soon.

Moving to Wichita Falls June 20th. Kidney surgery June 25th.

That's it for now!!