Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dallas Buddies and Baby Bump

Georgia's friends from Dallas came to visit and brought her some fun toys. She got a pink popper to push around, a fun animal puzzle and a tiara. They came to visit on a Friday and I dress her in her "Georgia" cheerleading uniform on Fridays.

This is as close as I've come to a belly picture. it's still a little small but you can tell it's there, at least my butt is enlarging to balance out a belly.

Georgia and her popper.

Georgia's buddies John, Kate and Stella came to visit us last Friday. Their moms surprised me with baby gifts and chocolate chip cookies, too. We were only in Dallas for three months but made some life long friends.

I had a revelation this morning. It goes along with my David Bowie revelation and Micah's Matt Damon revelation. I like The Clash alot. Every time a song by The Clash comes on the radio I turn it up pretty loud. (I have my speakers in my car turned totally to the front so there's no super loud noise in the back with Georgia.) My David Bowie revelation came in 2003 when I was burning alot of mixed CD's. Almost every one of them had a David Bowie song on it. I finally realized, "I think I like David Bowie more than I thought before."

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Small Victories

My camera is still not working so here's an old picture from 1986. People like blogs with pictures.

My old jeans from before Georgia fit. I had to quit wearing them at 11 weeks with Georgia and in a different way they haven't fit since January.

Georgia said, "Cool" today.

She also answered, "yes" with her normal nod. We started working on saying yes and no with our head shakes and nods.

My big toe is now leaking stuff but at least the pressure isn't as bad. (Long story)

I might be getting highlights in my hair. It's a return to the fall of 1998. - C

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Andy, Oppie and Aint Bea

Since it's just me and Georgia in the mornings I've been turning on the TV to the Today Show for some background noise and maybe a little news here and there. When I turned on the TV this morning it was on some other channel and was in the middle of an episode of The Andy Griffith Show. Georgia was mesmerised. She stood there watching it so I just left it on and watched it with her. I don't know if it was entertaining to her because it was black and white or if she just liked watching Oppie because he was a kid or what. She was into it. Kind of funny - C

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hooray for Georgia Porgia!!

We've introduced going to the potty to Georgia but haven't started formally potty training. I've heard from several moms, including my own, to go ahead and have the potty out and let her start sitting on it so that when she is ready we're all set up. She's been sitting on her potty for about a month now and I've started letting her sit on it without her diaper. Either last week or the week before she accidentally tee tee'd on the potty. Last night and today she has tee tee'd twice and I'm so excited.

I bought some M & M's to keep in the bathroom to use as a reward and I was so thrilled to give her her first one last night. It was funny. She hadn't ever seen one before so when I gave it to her she didn't know what to do with it. She looked at her potty and then at the toilet like maybe she was supposed to put it in one of those. I got one for myself and showed it to her and then ate it. She was still a little hesitant. After she ate it she asked for more. Even after she went the second time I had to remind her to eat it. Kind of funny. I'm just so proud of her. The next big step is going #2! - C

P.S. Either my camera or memory card is not working. Not that you would want to see any pictures celebrating these moments!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Amarillo by Mornin

Luke and Ben have a Longhorn football helmet that Georgia enjoyed for a minute. She put it on and of course we could not grab the camera fast enough.

The Kemps keep their house at 67 degrees during the night so Georgia had to borrow some of Ben's sweat pants to sleep in because we only brought onezies for PJ's. We both loved the cold house!! This is Georgia, Ben and Luke all ready for bed the first night.

There was something about the Kemp's bathtub that Georgia liked more than her own. I think it was the two fun people in there with her. She splashed half the water out of the tub the first night. She is smiling just like Marc in this picture - real big and a little crooked.

Here's baby Kate in her new bathtub duck. Ben kind of thought it should be his duck, too. Somehow we didn't get any pictures of Georgia and Kate. Oh well, we'll just have to go back to Amarillo again!!

Georgia and I had so much fun on our weekend away. She did great on the flight there and passed out on the flight back before we were even in the air. Luke is 4 1/2 and makes things with Legos that I'm pretty sure are hard for a 12 year old to make. Ben is almost 3 and is Mr. Social Man. He loves to be doing whatever your doing and is a sweet heart. He and Georgia did pretty much everything together the whole time. When we went for walks, he rode with Georgia. When we were walking through the parking lot, he held Georgia's hand. Too cute!! Kate is just the second sweetest baby in the world, Georgia is still the first. She's just sweet all the time and watches her big brothers do everything. I really think she'll be walking in a few months because she wants to keep up so badly. Precious family.