Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I get that alot

This is who my dad thinks I look like with my new hair cut. It's shorter but still, not quite the modern compliment I was looking for.

Tests are done

I had both tests for my bladder and kidneys today and they went well. I got to watch the VCUG, the one where they put dye in my bladder to see if there's reflux into my kidneys. Unfortunately there was into my left kidney, the one with the kidney stones. Don't know what we'll do to fix that. I didn't get to see anything from the IVP, the test where they pump dye through the rest of my body to see everything else going on in my kidneys. My Urologist, Dr. Sambell, should be calling me tomorrow or Thursday to let me know what's next. Keep praying. I've had surgery before for the reflux problem but that was 24 years ago. So weird that I can say I did something 24 years ago.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A bird pooped on my head yesterday.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Cruz on the Cob

Cruzy had corn on the cob for the first time at our house this weekend. He did a great job eating it. Val was taking pictures and when we went back to look at them we noticed Georgia making this face in the back ground. She of course did not touch her corn on the cob.

It was very important that Cruz and Georgia drink their juice together where ever they were. Aunt Val, Duncle Dale and Cruzy came to see Sarah Jane on Sunday and spent the night. They were adorable together!

How cute is Cruzy?

Sarah Jane finally lost her cord so I was able to give her her first official bath. It had been so long since had used the tub. She's HUGE!! She loved every minute of it. Didn't cry one time. Georgia hated her bath the first few times but then grew to love it. Again, she's HUGE.

What a big girl. She likes to have her snacks in Sarah Jane's seat. She angles the little mirror so that she can see herself, kind of like the geek in Sixteen Candles when he and Molly Ringwald are sitting in the car at the school dance. Watch it. Laugh.

My friend Lisa "cooked" Pappasitos for us this past week. What a chef!! We gorged ourselves on awesome fajitas but Georgia loved the bag most of all.

She's helping me do everything else lately so why not cook? She did a great job making pancakes.

Georgia loves wearing my shoes. Yes, I do own another pair of shoes besides my Asics and Crocs.

Sweet sister kisses. No wonder both girls got colds and ear infections.

Grandpa has been stopping by on his way to and from different jobs in the DFW area. Each time he walks in the door he goes straight to the bathroom to get a wet rag and apply a temporary tattoo to each of Georgia's hands. He bought a big supply of Mickey Mouse tattoos that he keeps in his car now.

Catch up Blogs

I'm just going to post pictures with captions because I haven't blogged in so long. We have a ton of pictures and I don't know if I'll be awake long enough to post them tonight. All I can tell you is Sarah Jane is HUGE and getting bigger everyday. For real, she's almost out of 3 month clothes and she'll be 5 weeks old tomorrow. I love fat breastfed babies. Healthy healthy healthy.

The picture above is a great illustration of my life sometimes. Sarah Jane chilling, Georgia being goofy and laundry that needs to be folded and put up.

How sweet is this picture? Daddy and his girls.

Nommie, Georgia and Sarah Jane.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. This was the second time I let Georgia play in the potting soil before her bath time. I should have learned after the first time that I have to bathe her after she plays like this before I put her in her clean bed. This time she was taking fist fulls of dirt and throwing them over hand into the yard. She would start releasing the dirt right as it would pass over her head/shoulder so she was totally filthy.

This picture is pre-potting soil. She brought bear and piggy out to see the bubbles. When she put bear in the wagon she talked to him in her high pitched pretend voice and said, "Look bear, bubbles!" She had worn pigtails earlier that day. She always pulls them out when she's in her car seat. Post pigtail hair = Doc Brown hair.