Monday, August 31, 2009


Just found out this afternoon that we won the bid. 4713 Florist will soon be ours!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Do What You've Got To Do

Georgia is just having the hardest time sleeping lately. She has woken up in the middle of the night for so long now that it's normal. I honestly believe it has everything to do with being potty trained. She has gotten up to poop several times and always says she has to pee. Most of the time she wakes up with a wet diaper. Ugh!!

She does not fall back to sleep easy either. Before this sleepless bout she would take super long naps and wake up so pleasant. Now she'll sleep for only an hour and wake up very grumpy. I normally try to do my Stroller Strides stuff during nap time. When she wakes up after only one hour of sleep I have to keep doing some work because she hasn't given me enough time to really get something done. She comes and gives me a kiss (a grumpy one) and then lays down in the living room floor, same place each time, and falls back to sleep.

I'm pretty sure a good and consistent mother would either make her get back in bed or pick her up off the floor. I know she is needing that sleep so much so I've just been leaving her there. I've taken pictures of three different days she's done this. I think I've missed pictures a few days.

She also has all 4 of her 2nd year molars coming in and the bottom ones look like they are bleeding a little. She hasn't complained yet but I think they might be waking her up at night, too. It must be hard being 2.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Grand Opening

Stroller Strides in Wichita Falls is having it's Grand Opening Septmeber 16 at Lucy Park. I'm so freaking pumped about bringing this here that I almost cry when I think about it. Every person that's come to one of my "practice" classes has fallen in love with it . . . just as I knew they would. I'd love to share the joy with you so show up at Lucy Park Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 9:15 a.m. and be ready to go!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Please Pray!!

The house I've had my heart set on since May is finally available through HUD. We have until August 30th to make a bid. Please pray that we get this. We won't know what other people are bidding and we basically only get one chance to do this right. I want this house so bad but I want God's will more. All we can do is bid and pray so please help us pray.

Also, school starts tomorrow. Yeah!! No more 2-a-days!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Real Life

Georgia in Walmart in Bay City . . . forever ago. She was so proud she figured out how to put her burp cloth on her head. I can't wait for SJ to wear that hat. It has little ears on it. By the way, I don't call her SJ, I just type SJ.

Georgia seriously fell asleep in her high chair . . . again forever ago in Bay City. I'm missing that place lot tonight.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Sarah Jane isn't sitting up yet but she did pretty good in the laundry basket. Georgia spent most of this day in her panties and high heels.

I hear this phrase 30 times a day, "Sarah Jane awake? Sarah Jane awake? Sarah Jane awake?" They just love each other so much. Sarah Jane is still in a pack and play in our room at my parents house. I wish I had a pretty picture to show you of the house we're buying but it just hasn't happened yet. I do look forward to the day when Marc and I will be able to carry on a conversation in our room without worrying about waking up Sarah Jane. Then again, I'll probably miss her.

Sarah Jane's First Meal (just for you Jodie!)

Shocker! Chubby cheeks likes food!

So much of her daddy in her.

In every picture where the flash goes off you can see her blond hair. Without a flash she looks completely different. To see her in real life you'd think she's brunette. I've really never seen a baby look so different in pictures.

She's such a joy!! She's seriously such a wonderful baby that I'm ready to have another one right now as long as it's as sweet as her. She loves Georgia so much and only cries when she's just so sleepy she can't function (which isn't alot). I have been super blessed with my girls.