Saturday, August 29, 2009

Do What You've Got To Do

Georgia is just having the hardest time sleeping lately. She has woken up in the middle of the night for so long now that it's normal. I honestly believe it has everything to do with being potty trained. She has gotten up to poop several times and always says she has to pee. Most of the time she wakes up with a wet diaper. Ugh!!

She does not fall back to sleep easy either. Before this sleepless bout she would take super long naps and wake up so pleasant. Now she'll sleep for only an hour and wake up very grumpy. I normally try to do my Stroller Strides stuff during nap time. When she wakes up after only one hour of sleep I have to keep doing some work because she hasn't given me enough time to really get something done. She comes and gives me a kiss (a grumpy one) and then lays down in the living room floor, same place each time, and falls back to sleep.

I'm pretty sure a good and consistent mother would either make her get back in bed or pick her up off the floor. I know she is needing that sleep so much so I've just been leaving her there. I've taken pictures of three different days she's done this. I think I've missed pictures a few days.

She also has all 4 of her 2nd year molars coming in and the bottom ones look like they are bleeding a little. She hasn't complained yet but I think they might be waking her up at night, too. It must be hard being 2.


The Morgan Family said...

That is SO hilarious!!!

Momma said...

You are a good and consistant Mommy. You let her do the same thing each day. :0) Same thing I would do!