Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dizzy Jimmy Buffet

Last night Georgia did her own Young Life skit. She held her head back while drinking her sippy cup and spun around about 5 times. She then dropped her cup and attempted to walk forwards. She slowly fell to the right and laid on the floor for a few seconds. Marc and I almost fell off the couch laughing at her.

I had to get a new battery in my car today which meant I had to reset the stations on my radio right away. I love the oldies station in Dallas, 98.7 KLUV. It's great. When I got it set today Margaritaville but Jimmy Buffet was on and Georgia IMMEDIATELY started dancing to it in her car seat. I listened to it and I guess it does kind of sound like a kids song. It has a xylophone and a kiddish beat to it. I thought it was funny. The next time you hear it you'll have to tell me what you think .

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Big Sis

Georgia and her cousin, Caroline, got to share the good news with their families that they are both going to be Big Sisters!! Aunt Amanda made these cute shirts for them to wear after Mary Clare's baptism. We didn't say anything to anyone, we just let them read their shirts and figure it out. Of course Buffy (Aunt Stephanie) was the first to catch on. She walked in the door, looked at Georgia's shirt, and looked straight at me. My mom hugged Georgia, picked her up, let her sit in her lap while she ate some fruit and paid no attention to the shirt what so ever. Stephanie had to point it out to her. Here's a picture of my mom's shock.

Baby Bindel #2 is due March 9, 2009!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Georgia's New Favorite Past Time

Our new kitchen has more cabinets than we need right now. Georgia has her own cabinet with toys in it just for her but she prefers this empty one much more. Marc set up the camera while I was gone. Just keep your eye on the cabinet door to see what Georgia loves to do all day. We laugh like crazy every time we watch this. - C