Sunday, April 27, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Georgia had her first swimming lesson Saturday. Her lesson was just a few blocks away from Booch and Bets house so we walked. She is in the Tadpoles class. Each kid has to have a parent in the water with them. There were about 12 other kids and they all had their dads with them. Georgia was the only one with her mom. We'll have to remedy that! She did a great job and had fun singing all the songs and splashing. She has a little bit more to go before she's ready to go under water but I have a feeling we're not too far from it.

I can't find my camera so a quick picture from my cell phone was the best I could do to mark the occasion. She's also walking now so hopefully we'll find our camera soon! - Carlye Jo

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Good Time With Georgia

Coaching Football can be crazy at times. Especially when you move to a new school.
There's so much to teach: your system, your terminology, your training methods, everything...and trust me, it can be taxing at times. The end result is very rewarding (win or lose), but at times, you miss a lot of time with your family because of the time you must invest.
Well, I felt like this week, I really didn't get to spend time with Georgia. There was even a day that I didn't get to see her. But this weekend, she and I were able to hang out A LOT, and it really was a great time. There's not a greater feeling then when Carlye's holding her, and when I walk up, she reaches for me (this happens all the time when I am holding her and Carlye walks to have it happen in reverse every now and then make me feel good).
She is fun to be around and is growing up fast. I love her.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Fun with Cousin Kate

Georgia doesn't have enough hair to do a completely crazy hair do but it was wild enough for bath time.

Fun with Cousin Cruz

Georgia and Cruz really did have fun at Tom Thumb. Someone just wanted a balloon.

Duncle Dale took Georgia, Cruz and Aunt Val on a horse ride this morning. Georgia had so much fun and Cruz was just kind of smushed.